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Linear LED High Bay
The key strength of LED high bay is to reduce power consumption, Comparing with traditional HPS or Mercury high bay lights, LED high bay lights save 50% - 65% electricity cost. Lifespan is 3 - 5 times than lifespan of HPS, metal halide and halogen high bay.
120W~300W Fins Cooling LED Industrial Light
LED Industrial lamp applied in factory workshop, warehouse, supermarket, sculpture, exhibition hall, stadiums, squares, etc. Using high power ceramic multi-chip LED. High quality aluminium body patented cooling body design, anodizing tensile reflector, acrylic light source enclosure.
CREE 500W LED Industrial Light
Industrial lighting cree 500w led high bay light with more efficient heat sink fins to prolong led life. The adjustable angle 216 degree be suitable for installation in any angle directions. Higher reflection rate up to 92% on the reflector cover. So as to reflect full whole light to the ground lighting.
Gas Station LED Canopy Light
Modular structure, steady brightness output and long life,an ideal replacement fo conventional HPS light, saving 80% electricity, cut down the operation cost of petroleum enterprises
Fin-heatsink LED Flood Light
By using the most powerful and efficient flood light heatsink, the completed LED light can work up to 5000 hours, save up to 80% energy, have better lighting characteristics than that of traditional metal halide lamp of 400W. Riveting the heatpipe to the heatsink, rapidly transfer the heat of the LED chips to the massive fins.
Megastructure LED Flood Light Round Beam
Round beam angle 5/10/20/30/60 degree 500w led flood light, not only applied in tower crane, also widely used in skyscrapers, casino, shopping malls, bridges, terminal, television tower, sculptures. etc.
Tower Crane LED Flood Light Rectangular Beam
New energy-efficient construction crane projection lighting can perfectly replace 1000-3000W MH lamp; by riveting the heatpipe to the fins, makes the lamp having excellent performance; square reflectors is also available: 30°×90°and 60°×90°, meet the requirement of professional light distribution; widely used in construction sites, docks, squares, stadiums
Revolutionary 1000W Stadium Light
large-scale stadium and gymnasium( sports venues ), building / architecture, tower crane, dock / wharf, airport, large factory workshop / warehouse, square / plaza
All-Star LED Flood Light/Tunnel Light
The unique thermal design and external power supply box is perfect combination, reasonably using movement of air from all directions
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